Andrew Bynum Should Never Play in the NBA Again

By Andrew Fisher
Andrew Bynum
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball isn’t for everybody. You can add Andrew Bynum to that list of people. After another failed short stint with an NBA team, it’s time this guy calls it a career.

It’s one thing if you don’t want to play anymore. That’s fine, it happens. Guys get over being professional athletes just like they get over many other things in life. But when you start stringing people, and in this case teams, along — it’s just not fair.

Three teams over the last two seasons have found that out the hard way when it comes to Bynum.

The Indiana Pacers have become the latest victim via a playoff walkout by the troubled center. Not only has he left the team, he’s left them high and dry when they needed help at center the most. It’s not like fans or the team were counting on him to play, its the principle of the situation.

Maybe he can’t play? Maybe his knees are in terrible shape? But why take the job in the first place?

People do need money and that’s possibly the sole reason Bynum keeps inking these deals even though he knows he has no intention of playing. Well, if the rest of the NBA teams are smart, they won’t give him another deal. This has to be the end of the road for this clown in The Association.

It’s time Andrew Bynum takes his millions and picks up a new hobby like bowling or something.


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