Carmelo Anthony Would Immediately Solve Chicago Bulls' Scoring Issues

By Jared Hughes
Carmelo Anthony to the Chicago Bulls
Mike Dinovo – USA TODAY Sports

If Carmelo Anthony does decide to join the Chicago Bulls, they will become legit title contenders. Any team with Derrick Rose and Anthony is prepped for a championship.

The Bulls somehow fall short when it comes postseason because of one reason: scoring. When it comes to ways to score, Carmelo is probably the second-best scorer in the league. Whether it’s shooting from three, pulling up from mid-range, posting up, beating opponents off the dribble or even getting to the line, Anthony can fill it up in a hurry. He averaged 27 points per game this season which included a 62-point game against the Charlotte Bobcats. It was more than enough for the New York Knicks, but chemistry and personnel issues were an albatross for their season.

Anthony would make an immediate difference for the Bulls. He would give Rose and Joakim Noah a break and the Bulls would simply be unstoppable. Teams would not be able to double team the Bulls as shooters and players with the ability to score would be everywhere. I believe the Bulls would have made it to the conference finals if Anthony was a part of the team this season even without Rose.

All Rose is missing is a partner in crime on the offensive end. The Bulls are loaded, and the one thing that is missing is a go-to scorer. The solution to that problem is Anthony.  There are no other available players on the market worth acquiring that will bring a championship back to the Windy City.

Hopefully the Bulls are able to steer Anthony to Chicago, because if not, they will have another postseason of coming up short due to a lack of scoring.

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