Chicago Bulls Should Play Jimmer Fredette More

By Jared Hughes
Jimmer Fredette
Mike Dinovo – USA TODAY Sports

Jimmer for three! This could be a popular statement next season. Barely seeing the court this season, I believe the Chicago Bulls should give Jimmer Fredette more playing time.

A small frame, but yet such a great shooter, the Bulls could use Fredette. He has not seen much playing time in the NBA but in college, he was a good player. The ex-BYU guard was arguably the greatest shooter in the nation while in college and I think he can translate his shooting ability to this Bulls team.

Most small guards with great jump shots find some way to be an effective player for their teams. Fredette can be compared to Eddie House, who was a marksman with the Boston Celtics when they won the championship in 2008. He would run off screens and spot up for the open jumpers when teams would collapse on Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. I think this same effect can happen with the Bulls.

Even though teams will have a hard time trapping Derrick Rose, when they do, Fredette can be spotted on the corner for the three-pointer. This can work effectively, especially against teams that don’t defend well. With Rose back, the Bulls will look to get out in transition and transition threes are becoming a big part of the game. I believe Fredette doesn’t get as much playing time because the Bulls have better players and they like to defend. That may be the case, but none of those players have the jump shot Fredette has.

Next season, if the Bulls want to fire up the offense, getting Fredette open for a three wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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