Indiana Pacers Should Go Fishing Every Single Day

By Bethany Robison
Roy Hibbert, Paul George, Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers have been teetering on the brink of disaster for weeks, months, basically all year. Everyone has been quick to offer up advice on what they need to do to fix the problem, though no one seems clear on what the problem is. Rumors have been running rampant to the point that the Pacers should have called everyone down to the gym to ask if anyone had ever been personally victimized by Regina George (no relation to Paul, obviously). Whatever the situation might have been, tonight the Pacers looked like they might finally have found a trust exercise that works for them.

That’s right, fishing. During the series against the Atlanta Hawks, Paul George took a little flack for going fishing on a work day, but the results spoke for themselves. He took a few hours, found a little zen, and played a lot better. Yesterday, he took Roy Hibbert and George Hill with him, and the results speak for themselves again:

Hibbert’s Averages for the Last 10 Games:
Minutes Played: 26.4
Field Goals: 27%
Rebounds: 3.7
Points: 6.8

Hibbert’s Game 2 vs. Washington:
Minutes Played: 33
Field Goals: 77%
Rebounds: 9
Points: 28

Game 2 against the Washington Wizards was hardly gorgeous, but it was a lot more fun to watch than anything else we’ve seen from them of late.

It was a win.

At times it was almost smooth, and the guys looked like they were having fun. I’ve said this before, so I’m prepared to be wrong again, but it looked to me like they might finally, finally, finally have figured something out.

Maybe it was because Paul George snapped a little and shot down a rumor of a rift between him and Hibbert (which, by the way, was a rumor I hadn’t heard, and I’ve heard a few). Maybe Hibbert benefited from having his college coach in attendance, showing support before he goes back home to DC in a couple of days. Or, maybe there really is something healing about going fishing. Getting away, clearing your head, having a bro moment with a co-worker in another environment. In his postgame interview, Hibbert credited Paul George with showing him a lot of love and support by taking him fishing. It’s a seemingly little thing, but sometimes those little things are the biggest deals.

Don’t forget, George Hill went on that fishing trip yesterday, too, and behold:

Hill’s Averages for the Last 10 Games:
Minutes Played: 32.4
Field Goals: 39%
Assists: 3
Points: 7.1

Hill’s Game 2 vs Washington:
Minutes Played: 33
Field Goals: 50%
Assists: 3
Points: 14

The numbers don’t lie, and fishing is undefeated with this group. If the Pacers are serious about wanting to compete with the Miami Heat for a spot in the NBA Finals, then let them go fishing. All of them. Every single day.

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