Mark Jackson Will Only Be Unemployed As Long As He Wants To Be

By Andrew Fisher
Mark Jackson
Russell Isabella-USA TODAY SPORTS

It’s only been a day since Mark Jackson was canned as Golden State Warriors head coach, but he’s apparently already over the mourning phase. Jackson made media rounds on Wednesday to talk about his firing and everything surrounding it.

He summed up his time with the Warriors by using this perfect analogy on the Dan Patrick Show:

“I had a lot invested. I talked about it in my meeting. The unfortunate thing is the pregnancy happened, the baby was carried for nine months or for three years, they watched the labor pains and being in the hospital and somebody else is going sit there and be able to grab the head of the baby when it’s born.”

Just like Jackson, I’ve had a hard time wrapping my brain around the firing. Obviously somebody from within didn’t like him, because his results on the court speak for themselves. He seemingly had the support of his players and definitely had it from his star Steph Curry.

The whole situation smells of front office problems. But regardless of that BS, the silver lining is that Jackson will be fine. He’ll coach again someday, and it might be someday soon. Unless this whole Golden State experience has left a terrible taste in his mouth, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to walk the sidelines with a new team soon.

The ball will once again be in Jackson’s court in the near future. It’s just a matter of which offer he’ll accept.

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