Teams 'Fighting' Over Steve Kerr Is Absurd

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Kerr
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There are guys who coach their entire lives and never even get close to the pro level. Steve Kerr doesn’t have any coaching experience, but yet he’s reportedly the top candidate for four jobs in the NBA. I get it, but yet I don’t.

We’ve all heard the rumors of Kerr landing with the New York Knicks. That fit makes perfect sense with Phil Jackson in the front office to mentor him. As for the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz, it’s really anyone’s guess as to why they would be in a ‘battle’ for the soon to be rookie coach.

Kerr deserves to get a shot in the NBA. He played in the league for 15 years and he spent time as a general manager in Phoenix. The guys knows basketball. He’s lived and breathed it his entire life.

The Knicks and Jazz are the only teams that truly make sense for him. The Warriors and Lakers are in need of veteran coaches, not a rookie trying to prove he belongs. Kerr will only fit on the sidelines if he can grow along with his team. It can’t be him trying to catch up to everyone else.

I still believe he’ll end up in New York with the Zen Master. It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s a situation that will buy him time as he develops his identity as a head coach. There’s no better guy to aid his development than Jackson. Hopefully Kerr doesn’t get a big head because of all the interest in him and think he’s ready to coach a playoff team in his first season.


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