2014 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Must Dare To Be Different

By Richard Nurse
Brooklyn Nets
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The Miami Heat have been different for the past four years. They get criticized differently, have a different energy when they walk into an opposing arena and wilder expectations to live up to. So why not go out tonight and — once again — dare to do something else?

With the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers failing to capitalize on a chance snatch a 2-0 lead in their series, Miami should be focused on not being satisfied with settling for a split. As writer Christy Cabrera Chirinos said, the champs need to be conscious of the Brooklyn Nets‘ ability to rebound from adversity:

“They bounced back from a 5-14 start and have shown their ability to put big losses behind them quickly. Sixteen times this season, Brooklyn has lost games by 15 points or more. After 12 of those losses, they won their next game. They were 7-3 following games they lost by 20 or more points…” (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

The Heat just happened to win by 21, so the alert should be high. But bigger than that the Heat need to live, breath and eat the competitive spirit of the classic teams they have been studying over the last few weeks.

Old school teams were so aggressive that if they got their toes through the door, the door was coming off the hinges.

It’s a completely different spirit from this cuddly new generation that believes in “there’s always another game or another year.” They don’t have that sense of urgency that would make them trip their own parent if they stepped on the court like a Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant would.

The scary part for Heat fans is that that killer instinct is what the team has been lacking all year.

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