Andrew Bynum's Departure From Indiana Pacers Lifts Weight Off Roy Hibbert's Shoulders

By Dave Daniels
Andrew Bynum
Bryan Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bynum has been a strange presence in the NBA for the last couple years. He has hovered like an ominous cloud over every organization he has been a part of, and the Indiana Pacers are no different. It was pretty soon after they brought Bynum aboard that the team entered its extended slump, and it did not go beyond my notice that Roy Hibbert goes for a season-high in points right after Bynum was essentially dismissed from even sitting on the bench.

“We want to thank Andrew and our medical staff for trying to get the issues with his knee resolved,” Pacers president Larry Bird said in a statement. “We wish him the best in the future.”

Maybe this was the problem all along. That is my greatest fear as someone originally from D.C., because the run that the Washington Wizards have gone on this season has been absolutely amazing. At least that is the word Tony Kornheiser used on his podcast recently, and I have to agree.

Game three is going to be crucial for the Pacers, and it seems that Hibbert has finally awakened from his three month long slumber. Larry Legend has not looked too happy at the recent games, and it should be super revealing to see if they can come back on Friday and get another win.

It is looking more and more like it might be a pretty long series, but it is also pretty clear to me that the Wizards have been the better team so far.

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