Brandon Jennings-Teyana Taylor Virginity Story Typical for Detroit Pistons

By RanterX

When the Detroit Pistons signed Brandon Jennings last year, they were hoping he’d be in the news for reviving the franchise alongside Josh Smith. Instead, the team went 29-53 and now Jennings is making headlines for allegedly taking the virginity of actress Teyana Taylor.

Just over a month after Taylor made the news by posting a very seductive picture on Instagram that was reportedly aimed at San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, she’s now apparently after another athlete and, according to her story, this may not be the first time.

Taylor claims that she and Jennings were engaged for two years before she “gave up the goodies” but the Pistons’ under-achieving guard claims he’s been single for the past three years. During her radio interview with The Breakfast Club, Taylor seemed confident that their engagement “was very public.”

Did you know about it? Neither did we.

Is this not hilarious and really typical for the Pistons? They’re the laughing stock of the NBA and now Jennings is in the news in a puppy love story that no one seems to know what really happened.

But it gets better!

Taylor says he’s not going to Jennings’ wedding because he’s now engaged to her ex-best friend. There’s more drama involved here than any NBA player knows what to do with. Ok, there are a few (actually a lot) of players who know drama. Here’s looking at you, LeBron.

One thing is for sure after all this: No athlete is going to want any part of Taylor in the future. Your move, Kaepernick.

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