Charles Barkley Shows How San Antonio Women Double-Fist Churros

By RantSports Staff
Charles Barkley
Getty Images

Even though he’s being doing it for years, fat acceptance groups are just now catching on to Charles Barkley making fun of the women of San Antonio. Sir Charles was at it again on Wednesday night, saying that San Antonio is a Weight Watchers ‘gold mine’.

On Thursday night, TNT rolled with the heat Barkley had picked up and sent a camera crew out to the streets of SA. In the end, the move sort of backfired because Barkley just used the video package to create a new way to take shots at the women of SA:

So instead of apologizing like one fat acceptance group wanted him to, Barkley just threw gasoline on the fire. His churro double-fist got the Inside the NBA crew rolling and the more they laugh, the more Sir Charles will keep going. You can rest assured that we have not heard the last of the SA women fat jokes. If the Spurs make the WCF, it might get ugly.

You have to think that one of these days Barkley will slip up in a major way. All of these jokes about large women in SA are in good fun — he’s just kidding around and trying to make people laugh. But obviously there are many that have taken offense to his comments.

However, if you’re letting Charles Barkley’s jokes bother you, you may want to rethink some things. He’s just a basketball analyst having fun on air. If you don’t like him, don’t watch Inside the NBA. It’s that simple.

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