DJ Augustin Key To Chicago Bulls' Success Next Season

By Jared Hughes
Dj Augustin
Matt Marton – USA TODAY Sports

Dj Augustin was key to the Chicago Bulls and their relevancy without their star Derrick Rose. His scoring came unexpected when he got to Chicago, but he stepped right in and gave the Bulls what they needed.

Augustin was the leading scorer for the Bulls, averaging 14.9 points per game. He plays with an chip on his shoulder and is not afraid to challenge an opponent. He may be too small to guard bigger players, but they can’t guard him either. Augustin had the best season of his career with the Bulls. He played better than what his contract is worth as he signed a deal for the season worth a little over $650,000.

The Bulls will have a tough decision on their hands as they have to decide whether to keep Kirk Hinrich or Augustin. Augustin is a much younger guard with a better ability to score, and Hinrich is a better defender but will be 34 years old next season.

The Bulls will need to maintain the offense when Rose goes to the bench, and Augustin seems like the perfect guy for the job. I think without Augustin, the Bulls would be a No. 7 or No. 8 seed. I believe he is that important to what the Bulls were trying to do and he will be next season if they keep him. This was a turnaround season for Augustin, and I can see the same type of season next year.

He may not get the amount of minutes he got this season because Rose will be back, but when he steps on the court, expect a lethal weapon in attack mode.

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