Donald Sterling’s Alleged Attempt to Seduce V. Stiviano is Bogus

By RanterX
donald sterling seduce v. stiviano
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This Donald Sterling thing just keeps getting weirder; after the Los Angeles Clippers owner was banned from the NBA for life, he’s now saying he had a good reason for making racist comments to his alleged mistress, V. Stiviano: he just wanted to get laid.

Eye rolling and laughing are both acceptable reactions, but this is the report that was made on Thursday afternoon by multiple entertainment news outlets. This is absolutely bogus because he reportedly claimed he’s not a racist, but only said those horrible things to Stiviano because he thought it would persuade her to have sex with him.

Yeah, right, and Adam Silver is a softie. Get real.

The reason we know this is complete and total B.S. is because Sterling has a history of making racist remarks, with the first coming way before his “relationship” with Stiviano.

Now this is where it gets sticky because Stiviano obviously isn’t completely innocent in all of this. Even if she didn’t do anything illegal (which is now the thought of the L.A. District Attorney’s office), she wasn’t hanging out with Sterling because of his good looks.

We know for a fact she was paid big time by Sterling during their four-year affair, but now Stiviano is saying she never had a sexual relationship with her “boss”. Well he certainly wasn’t paying her to sit around and look pretty!

So Stiviano may or may not be a crook, but Sterling is definitely a racist, regardless of what he says. Regardless, if he thinks talking like that to a woman who is literally 50 years younger than him is going to persuade her to have sex with him, he’s even dumber than we thought.

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