Spencer Hawes Would Fit With Chicago Bulls

By Jared Hughes
Spencer Hawes
David Richardson – USA TODAY Sports

Although the Chicago Bulls are luring Carmelo Anthony in the midst of free agency this summer, there are other valuable players to add. The Bulls could use more depth at the forward/center position and Spencer Hawes is one name that sticks out in particular.

Hawes has been a good player with the Philadelphia 76ers and Cleveland Cavaliers but with the plethora of losses, it’s been overshadowed. Hawes would be a nice rotation big man for the Bulls. Similar to Brad Miller, he could be effective in the same way. Not very quick but deceptive and has a knack for scoring, Hawes could contribute on the offensive end.

He averaged 13.2 points per game and 8.2 rebounds with the 76ers. While as a rotation center, his stats probably will not amount to those numbers, he could contribute to a winning team and increase his value. After Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah, the Bulls won’t  have much down low if Carlos Boozer leaves the Bulls. Hawes offers a different style of play and could shake things up for opponents’ defense.

The Bulls like shooters and big bodies, and Hawes is both. While I am not sure if the Bulls are able to afford Hawes, this is one free agent they should look to acquire. Noah just went through knee surgery and will be looking for some relief at the center position. Lineups such as Hawes and Noah or Hawes and Gibson would be interesting to see.

Hawes has the experience and the ability to have success in Chicago. If he wants to win — and win now — despite his age, Chicago will be the destination.


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