After Sale of Beats, Dr. Dre In Perfect Position To Buy Los Angeles Clippers

By RantSports Staff
Dr. Dre
Getty Images

Dr. Dre was already arguably the most successful person in rap history. His career as an artist and producer is legendary in itself, and his sale of Beats just became legendary. After rumors swirled over the past few days, Dre confirmed via an online video that he has indeed become the first billionaire in hip hop history.

Beats has reportedly sold to Apple for $3.2 billion.

The hip hop icon was recently asked by TMZ if he’d have interest in buying the Los Angeles Clippers, to which he responded yes. But now it’s unclear whether the Clippers will even sell at all. Donald Sterling is reportedly set to sue the NBA if he is forced to sell his team, and there’s also been talk of the Clippers staying in the Sterling family.

But if the rising team is put up for sale and ‘anybody’ can make a run at buying them, Dr. Dre would be the perfect candidate.

He was already thinking about it when he was worth a mere half billion, so you know that he’s really thinking hard about his next big purchase after becoming a billionaire. The Clippers would be a great investment, as it seems their stock is only going to continue to rise over the next few years.

Dre is obviously a west coast guy and a sports fan at the same time. He would run the Clippers the right way, and who knows what heights he could take the franchise to? Everything he touches turns to gold.

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