LeBron James Already Spotted Wearing Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns Jersey

LeBron James

Getty Images

Johnny Manziel has been melting the internet and sports television world for the past couple of days. First it was about where he’d land in this year’s NFL Draft. Then everyone had an opinion on him going to the Cleveland Browns.

One thing you’ll hear in regards to Manziel-Cleveland chatter is that he’s the next LeBron James. Because like him or not, Manziel is indeed the biggest star to hit Cleveland since LeBron.

But will James support Manziel and the Browns? You bet. In fact, he’s already doing it:

This photo is sure to melt the internet as well. It does look like LeBron, and it makes sense that he could get his hands on a custom jersey that quickly.

As for the next question on everybody’s mind — will James ever return to Cleveland? Many think it’s possible, especially if he loses in the playoffs this year. If he three-peats with the Heat, there’s no way he leaves. But a loss in the playoffs could put that team into a tailspin and James very well could consider another career alteration.

Cleveland would welcome him back, whether the fans want to admit it or not. LeBron and Johnny Football would certainly make quite the sports duo for the city and a little success in Cleveland wouldn’t be a bad change of pace for the sports world.

Some will argue that a return to Cleveland is the only way James can salvage his reputation after the infamous announcement.

We’ll see…

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