Chicago Bulls Should Say Goodbye To Kirk Hinrich

By Chris Peterson

Kirk Hinrich has been a solid role player for the Chicago Bulls during two separate stints with the team but at this point, he is more of a problem than a solution and it’s time for Chicago to move on.

The 6-3, 190-pound combo guard, who was selected by the Bulls in the first round of the 2003 NBA Draft, has been a solid player for over a decade. Known first for his defense, Hinrich has averaged 11.8 points per game during his 11-year career, shooting 37 percent from beyond the arc.

However, the former Kansas product is no longer a productive offensive player and hasn’t been for a while. He has averaged less than 10 points per game for three straight seasons and his shooting percentage has left much to be desired.

Hinrich is still an adequate three-point shooter, shooting 39 and 35 percent, respectively, over the past two seasons. Yet, his overall shooting percentage has been under 40 percent two years running.

Even with the return of Derrick Rose, the Bulls will need a dependable backup point but Hinrich is not that guy. If push comes to shove Chicago would be better off keeping D.J. Augustin, who led the Bulls in scoring last season with 14.9 points per game.

The Bulls struggle so much with scoring that if it comes down to a choice between Hinrich or Augustin, the choice is simple: it’s Augustin.

Chicago will miss Hinrich’s versatility but realistically, his best days as a defender are behind him and he will want too much money for an aging combo guard, who is just an average defender and a below average shooter.

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