Golden State Warriors Shouldn’t Pursue Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau

By Wally Jacobs
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Forget the fact that Tom Thibodeau has three more years left on his deal as head coach with the Chicago Bulls. Also, forget the fact that Thibodeau has said that he has no plans about leaving Chicago anytime soon. That seems to be the motto for the Golden State Warriors after firing former head coach Mark Jackson last week.

It’s been reported by multiple outlets that the Warriors are interested in the services of Thibodeau in order to fill their vacancy at head coach. This seems to be a head-scratcher since Thibodeau is primarily a defensive-minded coach, whereas the Warriors are more known as an offensive juggernaut in the NBA.

On top of that, Thibodeau’s offense is centered around slowing down the game and finding a shot that’s within the final seconds of the shot-clock. It’s hard to imagine an offense that includes Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and David Lee burning down the 24-second shot-clock in order to slow down the flow of a game. The Warriors need a coach who will allow a more free flowing offense that opens up shots for both Curry and Thompson.

Jackson was also a player friendly coach during his time in Golden State due to his calm demeanor. While a change could bode well for the Warriors, a drastic change could ruin chemistry. Thibodeau—while greatly respected in Chicago by team leaders such as Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson to name a few—isn’t really viewed as a players’ coach.

He holds his players to a very high standard when it comes to playing defense, and he also does not like to play a deep rotation. This means the Warriors as a team would have to get used to a seven to eight man rotation for much of the season.

Just ask the Bulls about that. This would be a huge difference for a Warriors team that had a lot of success relying on their bench over the years.

The Warriors will eventually find the right man for the job, it just isn’t Thibodeau. He’s a great fit in Chicago and should be left there for the time being.

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