2014 NBA Playoffs: San Antonio Spurs in Championship Form vs. Portland Trail Blazers

By Kareem Gantt
Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs
Craig Mitchelldyer-USA Today Sports

What was Charles Barkley thinking? I mean really, what was he thinking?

If you are one of the unlucky souls who do not have cable, let me fill you in right quick on why I am asking the question above. Barkley predicted that the Portland Trail Blazers would win the series due to their stud starting five and their youth, speed and athleticism. Barley dismissed the San Antonio Spurs‘ depth, saying that their bench would not be effective in this series.

I ask once again, what was Charles Barkley thinking?

The Spurs have done whatever they want, whenever they want against the once-hot Blazers. The Spurs are showing their superior depth, Tony Parker is outplaying Damian Lillard and Tim Duncan has effectively shut down LaMarcus Aldridge. In a series that many predicted would be one of the better second round sets of the 2014 NBA Playoffs, the Spurs are quickly turning it an awe-inspiring display of experience and execution.

The Blazers were the Victoria Secret models of the playoffs after their shocking upset of the Spurs’ in-state rivals, the Houston Rockets. But now, those Victoria Secret models are starting to look like worn-out mannequins at a Goodwill thrift store. Portland looks over-matched against a Spurs team that is focus on getting back to the NBA Finals to re-claim what they thought was rightfully theirs.

I picked the Spurs to win this series in six, but now it looks like the Spurs will sweep away the Blazers on Monday night and await the winner of the Los Angeles ClippersOklahoma City Thunder grudge match. And in the end, those teams will have almost the same chance of beating the Spurs as the Blazers do now — zero.

As it stands now, nobody in the West can beat the Spurs.

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