Jodie Meeks May Be Too Expensive For Los Angeles Lakers

By Brendan Patel
Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Jodie Meeks was arguably the most consistent player on the Los Angeles Lakers this past season. He played in 77 games, averaging over 30 minutes a game. He shot extremely well from the outside, and dramatically improved his finishing touch around the rim. Due to his increase in production, Meeks may be in line for an increase in salary next season, something the Lakers may not be able to afford if they choose to pursue another superstar.

Meeks was one of the few players on the team who was able to stay healthy for the majority of the season. He played big minutes due to injuries, and was an important piece to the team. He worked hard on his game in the offseason, and the results were impressive, as he became a more well-rounded player.

Meeks came to Los Angeles as an outside shooter, expected to help stretch the defense for the stars on the team. He proved to be extremely streaky, and often times was unable to find his shot.

This season, he became a more consistent shooter, and displayed a greater ability to finish at the rim. He moved extremely well off of the ball, and made teams pay for closing out on him too quickly. This added dimension to his game, made him harder to guard and allowed him to continue to play an important role on any team.

The Lakers would love to bring Meeks back and allow him to be a key member off their bench. But Meeks will likely be looking for a starting spot and more money, which the Lakers may be unable to offer. They already have a shooting guard in Kobe Bryant, and will need to save as much money as possible to remain flexible for the future. It is likely that Meeks will have to look elsewhere in the offseason.

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