What If the Chicago Bulls Can't Get Carmelo Anthony?

By Jared Hughes
Carmelo To The Bulls
Steve Mitchell – USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls‘ main focus this coming offseason will be to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks or in free agency. With all the media attention surrounding this trade, it seems like its bound to happen. Worse-case scenario, Anthony decides he doesn’t want to come to Chicago, but what will the Bulls season look like then?

If the acquisition doesn’t happen, the Bulls will still have their MVP back in Derrick Rose. Hopefully in full strength, Rose will look to come back next season and make the Bulls a legit title contender. If Anthony goes elsewhere, there is still a possibility the roster will look different.

One person who will most likely be off the roster is Carlos Boozer. Various sources have said this will be Boozer’s last season in a Bulls uniform. Since Boozer will be gone, Taj Gibson will become the starter and their will probably be someone different to relieve Gibson at the forward position.

Looking at this postseason and the outlook on the Eastern Conference, all the Bulls were missing was Rose. Although Anthony is the premier addition, the Bulls can survive without him and become the team to beat.

Scoring was a big issue for the Bulls and Rose will give them 20-plus points per night. If the Bulls had Rose this postseason, they would have gone to the Conference Finals with ease. No point guard in the Eastern Conference can match the intensity of Rose night in and night out.

If Anthony doesn’t come to the Bulls, the Bulls will still have a legit chance to win a title as they will get more pieces and still have their core players surrounding Rose. It is possible they will have two MVP candidates even if Anthony doesn’t come in Rose and Joakim Noah.

The Big 3 for the Miami Heat probably won’t be together and this is a clear path for the Bulls to retain supremacy in the eastern conference. I expect the Bulls to be in the Conference Finals even without Anthony because of a hungry Rose and a few key players to surround him.

Even though that is said, hopefully Anthony still comes to Chicago!

Jared Hughes is a sports writer for the Chicago Bulls. Follow him on Twitter @coolhughes.

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