2014 NBA Playoffs: LeBron James Carries Heat in Game 4; Joe Johnson Blows It

By RantSports Staff
Miami Heat
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The fourth game in every playoff series is key. It could be for the sweep, it could be a swing game or it could be the point where the teams deadlock at two games a piece. Regardless of what game four means in each series, it’s always crucial.

Game four in the 2014 NBA Playoffs between the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets ended up being a swing game for the defending champs. They can thank LeBron James and his 49 points. They can also thank Joe Johnson of the Nets.

With the game tied with 1:15 to go in the fourth quarter, Johnson took it upon himself to try and be the hero. He backed LeBron down in a one-on-one situation and proceeded to miss his shot terribly. The next possession with the Nets now down three thanks to Chris Bosh, Johnson again blew it by taking some crap floater shot while trying to draw a foul with 40 seconds left.

Paul Pierce should have been taking those shots for Brooklyn down the stretch. He was on, he’s been there and done that — but the Nets missed their chance.

You do have to give credit to the LeBrons on this night. James played like an MVP and dropped a ton of points on the Nets. It was a game they had to have to avoid the series lingering on.

Linger on it will not with things headed back to Miami. The Nets are done, it’s just a matter of what night they meet their fate.

It’s looking like Heat and Pacers in the ECF, just like everybody predicted in November.

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