Cleveland Cavaliers Fire Mike Brown Again; Franchise Has No Direction

By RantSports Staff
Mike Brown
USA Today Sports

Mike Brown is no stranger to getting fired, as he’s been canned by both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers. Now, he’s been fired by the Cavs again after a 33-49 season.

This news has left many Cleveland fans wondering what’s next for the struggling franchise with new GM David Griffin running the show now.

So apparently this is just another case of a new GM not having ‘his guy’ in place at head coach. It’s too bad for Brown, but at the same time, the franchise was just treading water with Grant at the helm.

Given that the Cavs don’t have a whole lot to lose at this point (besides more games), the firing of Brown isn’t completely crazy. You hate to see a guy lose a job after just one season on the bench, but it was hard to envision the Cavs turning around under Brown. They may have improved next season and taken a step forward, but the team needs many steps forward to get back to contending in the Eastern Conference.

With Griffin taking over, the time is right to go in a completely new direction. That will start with the draft in June, where the Cavs have been far from successful over the last couple of years.

It certainly won’t hurt anything if Kyrie Irving can be talked back to being fully on board with the franchise either. But no matter what happens there or in the draft, Cleveland needs a new way of thinking. So if nothing else the firing of Brown will help them to start down that path.


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