2014 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat’s LeBron James Must Get More Help

By Chris Loud
Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets - Game Four
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In Game 4 of the series between the Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat, it was LeBron James against the Nets, and LeBron won. However, the Heat better find a different game plan and quick.

At the end of the third quarter, James had more than half of the Heat’s points with 40, while the Heat held onto a small lead. The Heat won, but regardless, they need more from the rest of the team if they want to have a chance against any Western Conference team, or more importantly, if they want to finish off the Nets in the second round as efficiently as possible. The more time the Indiana Pacers have between series, the better chance they have of getting back to their dominant ways.

Midway through the third against the Nets in Game 4, the Heat had 11 free throw attempts, and all were shot by James. That’s just a lack of aggressive play from the team as a whole. That was evident in all facets of this game. You could blame James for ball hogging, and taking the worth out of the other players, but the Heat are a grown-up adult team, they should be able to manage through something like that.

It’s not like James wasn’t trying to find teammates, they just couldn’t deliver as much as they should. There were a lot of missed shots from guys like Mario Chalmers and Dwyane Wade. In the third quarter, Chris Bosh got open on the wing after a pick and roll with James, but mishandled a kick-back pass from James that would have turned into an open jumper. This was a pretty great example of the issues the Heat faced against the Nets in Game 4.

It seemed like Bosh just didn’t expect a pass from James, which to be fair, James did take the ball to the rim more often than not in the game. That being said, the reason why the Heat have been successful in games like this in the past is because James would draw the defense, and hit open guys. Also, what else is Bosh doing in that situation if he’s not getting ready for a pass? Trying to figure out how to ask Jay-Z how hard his sister-in-law punches?

The bottom line is, the Heat cannot continue to have games like this against good teams. The Nets played very well, but struggled to score at the end of the game. That was really what kept them from winning. If the Heat play like this against any team coming out of the West, or even the Pacers if they find their mojo, the Heat will end their season prematurely.

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