Donald Sterling’s Pathetic Excuse for Apology Could be Bad for Magic Johnson

By RantSports Staff
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When Donald Sterling broke his silence after his a recording of his racist comments got him banned from the NBA, he was supposed to be giving an apology.

The words “I’m sorry” did come out of his mouth, but he said a lot of low things as well, most of which were shots at Magic Johnson. While the initial reaction is more hatred toward Sterling, the Los Angeles Clippers’ owner may have accomplished his goal in the process.

Ever since Johnson said he was interested in buying the Clippers following the surfacing of Sterling’s racist rant, speculation has been the Los Angeles Lakers legend may have conspired with Sterling’s girlfriend, V. Stiviano, to get the owner out of the picture. While that is just speculation at this point, Sterling’s attack on Johnson during his CNN interview is telling.

Although Johnson was one of the men who Sterling told Stiviano not to bring to the Clippers games in the recording, there’s nothing else to suggest Sterling would have beef with the basketball legend unless he’s more involved than we think.

It could one of two things (or a combination of both): Johnson had a relationship with Stiviano that Sterling didn’t like and/or Johnson and Stiviano did indeed conspire to get the Clippers owner out of the picture so Magic could buy the team.

Of course, Sterling could have just been trying in a moronic way to get the limelight off himself, but the stuff that came out of his mouth suggested he’s either dumber than we thought or ABC’s report that he may have dementia just got more interesting.

He started on the Magic rant by saying the former Laker shouldn’t act “so holy” because “he’s got AIDS” although Anderson Cooper quickly corrected him, saying Johnson has the HIV virus, but not “full blown AIDS.”

Then Sterling took a bizarre turn to bash all African-Americans because “they don’t want to help anybody” and compared them to Jews, who “help their people when they get successful.”

Finally, Sterling said once again he’s not a racist and that Stiviano is a good person just trying to “survive.”

So you draw your own conclusions, but you can’t argue this doesn’t at least suggest in some sense that Sterling may know something we don’t about Magic, but doesn’t want to crush Stiviano in the process. For Magic’s sake, hopefully that’s not the case, but it’s not off the table.

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