Indiana Pacers Miss Golden Opportunity Against Washington Wizards

By Kareem Gantt
Martell Webster, Washington Wizards
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

The Indiana Pacers had a golden opportunity on Tuesday night to finally show the rest of the basketball world that their near two month slump was firmly behind them.

It was their chance to show everyone that the Pacers were back to their once dominating selves. It was their time to show the Miami Heat that they were still the ones to be fearful of, not the Brooklyn Nets or any other challenger in the Eastern Conference.

After the Pacers swept both games in the nation’s capital to push the Washington Wizards to the edge of oblivion, we were all ready to stand up and give in to the Pacers’ word that they were indeed back from NBA zombie land. We brought the Kool-Aid, stirred it in the pitcher and chugged the whole thing.

Maybe we were too quick to buy what the Pacers were selling because what they served to us on Tuesday night were still damaged goods.

Indiana pretty much re-affirmed my thoughts that it was not good enough to beat LeBron James four times in the Eastern Conference Finals. Heck, this team is having a hard time beating John Wall four times and when this team had the golden opportunity to deliver the knockout blow to the Wizards, the punched sailed past Washington and hit the Pacers dead in the face.

That is pretty much how I will sum up the Pacers’ woes: They are a team that keeps hitting itself in the face. It is getting pretty painful to watch, and maybe, just maybe, the Wizards will have the newfound strength to land a knockout blow to the Pacers’ title dreams.

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