Charles Barkley is Still Terrible at Golf and He Still Doesn't Care

By Connor Muldowney
Charles Barkley
Getty Images

As one of the most interesting personalities on television these days, Charles Barkley draws a ton of attention for anything he does or says these days. However, he gets more negative attention than anything because he’s always speaking his mind and doing ridiculous things — like trying to golf.

Charles Barkley isn’t exactly what you would call a gifted golfer. In fact, he’s anything but that. He’s been known for being one of the worst celebrity golfers out there, but when he tees up, you better believe people have their cameras out and ready to catch the awesomeness of terrible golfing at its finest.

Barkley made an appearance at the Regions Tradition Pro-Am in Alabama on Wednesday afternoon and the cameras were definitely rolling to catch his unorthodox swing.

Check it out here and tell me this doesn’t make you feel a little better about your golf game:

The NBA legend and current analyst played alongside new Auburn Tigers head basketball coach Bruce Pearl and former Masters champ Fred Couples — and made them both look like Tiger Woods, I’m sure.

Take notice of the amount of people with cameras ready before he even swings and the fact that people laugh after each swing. His best swing is obviously from the rough when he almost swings himself over because of the tremendous hitch in his forward swing.

I think the best part of the video has to be where he is trying to hit the ball out of the rough and connect with it, knocking it about 10 feet in front of him.

The Barkley struggles in golf continue and the world wouldn’t have it any other way.

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