Lance Stephenson A Good Fit For Chicago Bulls?

By Jared Hughes
Lance Stephenson to the Bulls?
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The Indiana Pacers‘ Lance Stephenson might not be with the Pacers come next season. He will be a free agent and teams will offer him a hefty contract. The Chicago Bulls could acquire him if the Carmelo Anthony deal goes south.

A triple-double machine with exceptional ball-handling abilities and improved scoring, who couldn’t use a Stephenson? Seeing significant gains from the previous season, Stephenson was a candidate for most improved player and almost made the All-Star team.

He would give the Bulls another ball-handler and someone with the ability to score. While he’s far the from the abilities that Anthony possesses, Stephenson is still a proven addition that will attack the basket and knock down a few trays from time to time. There have been rumors that the Bulls will look to add him in the event that Anthony goes elsewhere.

Since they have Jimmy Butler, who offers similar services, I am not sure how the addition would work. I believe Stephenson will grow in the future but for what the Bulls are currently trying to do, I don’t see it working.

If the Bulls decided to start Stephenson and Butler in the same lineup, I see the Bulls having the same problems. Neither is a premier scorer, and both are premature and young. Stephenson is seen as a sidekick to Paul George for the Pacers, and the Bulls do not need a roster full of sidekicks.

I don’t believe Stephenson would be a good addition for the Bulls. Essentially, the Bulls need someone who can score 20 or more on any given night and at this point, Stephenson doesn’t have enough tools to do that.

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