Shaquille O'Neal Didn't Know Who Mariano Rivera Was

By Andrew Fisher
Shaquille O'Neal
Getty Images

Shaquille O’Neal is a basketball legend. He knows the sport inside and out after 19 seasons on the hardwood. But apparently, he doesn’t know a dang thing about baseball. More specifically, he didn’t know who Mariano Rivera was until fairly recently:

Now that’s what I call Shaqtin a Fool.

Even though it’s embarrassing that Shaq didn’t know who Rivera was, at least it made for an entertaining segment of television. Because whether you like the big man as a studio analyst or not, he’s at least entertaining night in and night out. He may not be able to break down the Xs and Os of a game, but he can surely make you laugh at a random moment from a game.

I’m not sure how much longer O’Neal with serve as an analyst for TNT. He just doesn’t seem like he’d be content sitting in the studio until he reaches normal retirement age.

Shaq has already bought a minority stake of the Kings and I think it’s only a matter of time before he buys more of them, or another team in the NBA. O’Neal seems destined to at least be involved with a team’s front office or somehow involved in basketball decisions. He knows too much about the game and he knows players too well.

It’s ironic that he ended up being a partial owner of the Kings, a team he used to terrorize on the court and actually referred to as the Queens. Time can change anything, including NBA hatred.


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