Steve Kerr Picks Talent Over Security After Accepting Head Coaching Position with Golden State Warriors

By Dave Daniels
Steve Kerr
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Jackson just keeps getting burned by people these days, and today it was one of his former players who applied the heat.

In the end, Steve Kerr had to decide between going back to work for the Zenmaster or the talent heavy Golden State Warriors.

And just like in most playoff series, talent ended up winning in the end.

“We love Kerr. Incredibly prepared,” texted owner Joe Lacob to Yahoo Sports. “We got him because of our players. The Golden State Warriors’ future is bright.”

It appears that the Warriors desperation to land Kerr after losing out on Stan Van Gundy paid off, and they offered the TNT analyst a 5 year and 25 million dollar deal.

He accepted.

Not too shabby for Kerr, although I do somewhat question whether the former point guard used his former coach Jackson for contract leverage. That would just be kind of messed up. I wonder who the Zenmaster will turn to now, or if he will be so angry about the snub that he decides to enter the coaching fray again just to stick it to everyone who has let him down in the last couple years.

I wish Kerr all the best in Golden State, although his television commentary will be greatly missed. You never know how long a head coaching job in professional basketball is going to last though, especially considering how things shook out for the Warriors’ last head coach.

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