Utah Jazz Should Hire John Stockton As Head Coach If He's Interested

By Andrew Fisher
John Stockton
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The Utah Jazz are reportedly interested in having a familiar face on their sidelines next season. After firing Tyrone Corbin, Utah has now reached out to another former player — John Stockton.

The Utah great is of course not your average former player. He’s a hall-of-famer and the NBA‘s all-time steals and assists leader. But to this point in his retirement (11 years), he’s basically stayed away from the NBA.

It’s unknown at this time if Stockton has any interest in coaching his former team, which has fallen quite a ways since his final season in 2003. But while researching the topic, I did stumble across an interview the legendary PG did with SI last fall. During the conversation the topic of coaching came up:

“I’ve thought about it (coaching). But even if I started right away, like Jason (Kidd) did, it wouldn’t have answered the problem of wanting to spend more time with my family. I would be right back in that mold. If I was going to do that, I might as well play. I’d rather play. Playing is a lot more fun. Coaching is a rough business.”

“I’ve never ruled it out (return to NBA). I have not sought it out either. It’s just not time for me. I don’t know that I’m an office guy in any way shape or form. If I were to come back, it would be on the coaching side.”

Even though he doesn’t have any NBA coaching experience, he knows how to lead a team. He did it for 19 years on the court and I don’t see how that couldn’t translate somewhat to the sidelines.

Stockton’s responses definitely lead you to believe he’ll entertain this offer from the Jazz. Whether he’ll ultimately want to try and resurrect a last place team, is a whole different deal. But if he’s interested the Jazz should hire him. They have nothing to lose, and it would help to restore interest in the franchise by placing an all time great back with the team.


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