Chicago Bulls Should Think Twice About Doug McDermott

By Randall Hampton

The Chicago Bulls ranked dead last in offense during the regular season, so finding players in the 2014 NBA draft who can score points is a top priority.

With that being said, the Bulls should think twice if Doug McDermott is still on the board when the team picks at 16. McDermott won the John Wooden award at Creighton University last season while averaging 26.7 ppg.

Dougie McBuckets could fill it up on the college level, but looking at his other numbers reveals an alarming trend. McDermott never averaged more than 1.6 assists in a season at Creighton, and he never averaged more assists than turnovers during his entire college career.

Is it really a stretch to expect a positive assist to turnover ratio from someone considered one of the best players in college basketball? McDermott has been compared to everyone from Larry Bird to Kyle Korver, but he will be lucky to fall somewhere in between the two.

The biggest question about McDermott is can he defend at the NBA level? He was by no means a defensive savant in college, and the athletes only get quicker and stronger at the next level. McDermott does not have the strength to guard small forwards like Paul George, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Kawhi Leonard.

McDermott also lacks the foot speed to stay in front of shooting guards like Lance Stephenson, Bradley Beal, DeMar DeRozan, James Harden and Klay Thompson.

McDermott can carve out a nice niche for himself as a shooter, but if he turns out to be one dimensional the 16th pick will be too high. J.J Redick turned himself into a decent rotation player, but considering he has played in at least 65 games only twice in his nine-year career, he was not worth the 11th pick in the 2006 draft.

Jimmer Fredette and Adam Morrison were also prolific scorers who were expected to overcome their lack of a true position. Fredette barely touched the floor for Chicago this season because he struggled with Tom Thibodeau’s defensive system, and Morrison is no longer in the NBA.

If McDermott proves to be a capable defender he could be a more offensively creative version of Korver, but is that really worth the 16th pick in this year’s NBA draft?

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