Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr Made Smartest Decision Of His New Career

By winstonharris
Steve Kerr
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Once the New York Knicks and the Golden State Warriors made the decision to release Mike Woodson and Mark Jackson, the biggest decision of Steve Kerr’s unsure coaching career began. And the choice he made has clearly shown that he may not be the pushover that many thought he was going to be this position

When Kerr’s name popped up as a possible head coach choice for an NBA team, many had and still doubt the aggressive nature he must have to fully control his players. Kerr doesn’t strike many people as the kind of personality that can rally his troops to victory and gain the respect of an organization. But saying no to the Knicks’ Phil Jackson shows just how much guts the new coach really has.

Since Knicks’ Jackson sought after Kerr in hopes of rebuilding the organization in the right direction, it was almost understood that the deal was pretty much because of the history they have together. Most thought Kerr would be a pushover and fold like a wet napkin under the “Zen Master” and his power. But Kerr did the exact opposite and had the courage to avoid a situation that would not benefit his early coaching career.

The Warriors are a perfect fit for Kerr, in the sense that the players are way more coachable than the current Knicks’ roster. They should be easier to corral than the variety of attitudes and distractions in the New York lineup. Also, there is going to be less work for Kerr to do because the Warriors are in a prime position to be successful after the season they had this year. The Knicks’ need a seasoned coach that has the ability to build from the ground up, not a first year guy trying to build his career.

By choosing Golden State over New York, Kerr has taken the first successful step in his coaching career and set himself up to win. The position will serve him and the organization well — now it’s just time to produce results.

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