Joakim Noah is Passing Extraordinaire For Chicago Bulls

By Jared Hughes
Mike Dinovo - USA TODAY Sports
Mike Dinovo – USA TODAY Sports

For a big guy, Joakim Noah has extraordinary play-making abilities; in fact they are amazing. Leading the Chicago Bulls in assists with 5.4 per game, Noah has added something great to his game.

This is huge for the Bulls especially when Derrick Rose returns and they add other additions. Having a playmaking center makes things easier on the court. Not only will they have the opportunity to play inside out, but teams will have a hard time defending the Bulls. Rose and new additions will scatter the court slashing in for the easy layups or getting open for the big time three-pointer.

Leading the league in triple doubles, tying with Lance Stephenson with four, Noah often had games with the assist number above 10. He also finished 4th in MVP votes. This is attributed to his big-time play making abilities.

He was the reason the Bulls were as good as they were this season. The Bulls were really able to stretch the floor and get open for three-point shots and many of these plays went through Noah.

He is one of the best post playing passers of all time. Two big men I was fortunate to watch was Vlade Divac and Shaquille O’neal who often found open teammates and hit them with the smooth pass. I think Noah can increase his assist average by one or two next year. The Bulls would be unstoppable with Rose and a center who averaged 6-7 assists per game.

Passing is just one of the many skills Noah has. I look forward to next season to see what other skill Noah has mastered as the Bulls look to contend for a championship.

Jared Hughes is a sports writer for the Chicago Bulls. Follow him on twitter @coolhughes

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