New York Knicks Rumors: Luke Walton Not the Right Choice For Head Coach

By Andrew Fisher
Luke Walton
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks didn’t get Steve Kerr. That means it’s time for plan-B. The early reports on who exactly might be in the Knicks’ plan-B, won’t exactly thrill fans.

So one thing seems clear at this point — Phil Jackson wants a young guy/rookie to be the next head coach in the Big Apple.

While some will say crazy things and make jokes about Jackson being on drugs, his head is in the right place. He’s not building the Knicks to win next season. He’s building them to win down the road.

Jackson seemingly wants a coach who can grow along with the team. At the same time, he probably wants someone who he can shape and mold. Some might call that egotistical, but when you’ve got 11 rings from coaching, you’ve earned to right to run your ship how you want.

As for Walton being the next head coach in New York, I’m not buying it. While he might have a great basketball mind and coaching could very well be in his future — the Big Apple is not the place for him to break into the business. Especially not with jokers like Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith on the roster.

Does anyone see Anthony and Smith listening to a word Walton says?

I like where Jackson’s head is at with Fisher and Lue. Fisher is another of his former players with a great feel for the game, and Lue has actual coaching experience in the NBA.

But hey, why not interview a bunch of candidates?


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