George Karl Reportedly Wants To Coach Cleveland Cavaliers; Why?

By Andrew Fisher
George Karl
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Some coaches love a good challenge. That’s apparently the case with George Karl, who’s rumored to be interested in the Cleveland Cavaliers vacant head coaching position.

According to Sam Amico of Fox Sports, Karl wants to get back into coaching and Cleveland just might be his first choice. Mainly, because of Kyrie Irving.

For a guy who’s done it all in coaching besides win a championship, the obvious question is why? Why in the heck would he want to take over a struggling franchise with little direction?

One answer could be ‘full circle’. That’s what Karl would be doing by taking his coaching talents to the Cavs, the team that gave him first head coaching job back in 1984. He spent two seasons there before moving on to Golden State and then to his most famous job in Seattle.

Maybe he feels like he owes the Cavs franchise something?

I really can’t put it all together at this moment. But I guess for some guys, winning championships isn’t everything. As much as I (and many basketball fans) would like to see Karl get the ring he most certainly deserves after all these years, he could feel completely different. Maybe the game is more about developing players and teams than winning titles to him? Who knows?

But if Cleveland is the last stop for the great head coach, at least that’s where he wants to be. There’s something to be said for that and for the fortitude involved in taking over a disorganized franchise.

The only way Karl would truly get the best of both worlds, is if the Miami Heat lose in the next couple of weeks and LeBron James takes his talents back to Cleveland this summer.

Now that would be a fitting end to Karl’s coaching career.

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