God Came Up With Swaggy P Nickname, Says Nick Young

By Andrew Fisher
Los Angeles Lakers
Noah Graham-Getty Images

Ever wonder how Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young came up with that catchy nickname of his? Trick question. He didn’t. God did.

Here’s the shooting guard explaining the genesis of Swaggy P on Instagram:

So there you have it, Swaggy P was created in a Nick Young dream by God. End of story. Glad we got that cleared up…

As for the Lakers, they’re in a bit of a hard spot right now. After one of the worst seasons in franchise history, no one is quite sure what direction the legendary franchise will go in. Without a head coach currently in place or many star players on the roster, the safe bet is that the team won’t do much of anything again next year.

However, if Swaggy P keeps on progressing like he did in 2013-14, the Lakers will turn things around much sooner than later. The shooting guard averaged a career high of 17.9 PPG last season and was one of the few bright spots in L.A.

Obviously with Kobe Bryant set to return next season things will be different for Young, but he’s proven that he deserves more minutes moving forward.

Much of the Lakers future success will also be determined by the way the ping pong balls bounce next Tuesday. If the Lakers can land a top five pick in the upcoming draft, they’ll be in business. But as the team sits today, things don’t look great for Kobe and company.


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