Jack Nicholson Attends Los Angeles Clippers Game, Disappoints Young Fan

By RantSports Staff
Jack Nicholson
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You know times have changed when you see Jack Nicholson in attendance at a Los Angeles Clippers home playoff game. First and foremost, because Nicholson is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan. The guy has had season tickets since 1970 and courtside seats for the last 25 years.

But for the first time in recent memory, the Lakers were basically irrelevant for an entire season this year. So maybe Jack just wanted to take in some playoff action and support his hometown?

Regardless of his intentions, he unintentionally melted the internet by doing this:

That’s right, Nicholson snubbed a kid looking to shake his hand. Big deal? In any other era, no. But in today’s era of smart phones, taking videos and memes — it’s a ‘big’ story.

Do you think that Nicholson gives one crap about snubbing that kid?

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At 77-years of age, there’s no way that Nicholson cares one bit about not shaking that kid’s hand. He shouldn’t care, nor should the kid. After a long career in Hollywood and constantly being bombarded by media over the years, Jack has earned the right to talk to whoever he wants and do whatever he wants.

As far as him being at a Clippers game, it was a strange-looking. However, he’s made of money and loves basketball. According to IMDB he’s not currently working on any films and he hasn’t appeared in one since 2010. Maybe he just wanted something to do on Thursday night?

In theory, that kid has a good story to tell his friends. Unfortunately, none of his friends will know who Jack Nicholson is.

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