Jerry West Might Be Right In Saying Phil Jackson Is Best Coach For New York Knicks

By RantSports Staff
Jerry West
USA Today Sports

After the ‘sure thing’ that was Steve Kerr to the New York Knicks fell through, Phil Jackson had to be extremely disappointed. From pretty much the first day he took over the front office in New York, Kerr was rumored to be his guy. While other names were mentioned over the past few weeks, no one except Kerr was considered to be a strong candidate for the Knicks vacant head coaching position.

But with Kerr telling Jackson ‘thanks but no thanks’ it’s on to plan-B for the Zen Master.

Many, including the great Jerry West, think that plan-B should involve Jackson himself:

“I think his greatest value would be down there on the bench, to be honest with you, because he’s had so much success and this is going to be a particularly difficult challenge because they are faced with challenges back there. The first thing he has to do is find a coach he’ll be satisfied with unless he decides to do it. At this point of his life, his health issues, which he keeps pretty private, it might not be something he wants to do,” West said via the New York Post.

According the NYP, Jackson is not yet ready to consider himself a real candidate for the job. But the more time that passes, the more you have to think he’ll consider it.

Jackson is technically the best coach for the Knicks, mainly because he’s technically the greatest coach of all time. But considering the messy situation in the Big Apple right now, the Zen Master is probably best served to hire a young coach who can grow along with the team. It’s not a one or two year turnaround job with the Knicks, it’s more of a long-term fix situation.

Given that, Jackson should stick to his new gig. But if push comes to shove, he’s a great, great fallback option.

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