Jimmy Butler Proven Defender For Chicago Bulls

By Jared Hughes
Mike Dinovo - USA TODAY Sports
Mike Dinovo – USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls‘ shooting guard Jimmy Butler has proven himself as a lock-down defender. Since he came to Chicago his whole persona was questionable but one thing that wasn’t was his defense and athleticism.

When the Bulls are playing an opposing team with a deadly scorer, Butler’s name is called upon. There are not too many great defenders in the NBA but the Bulls definitely have one.

Butler being the defender he is works out perfectly for the Bulls considering they play to add scorers. Whatever wingman the Bulls add won’t have to guard the opposing wingman because Butler will do it and do it well.

His resume of players whom he nearly shut down completely consists of: Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and Joe Johnson. That list is impressive when including players who can score at will. He continues to improve at a growing rate and his stock will increase. He recently signed a new contract with the Bulls, but his next contract will be quite hefty.

I see Butler as a candidate for Defensive Player Of The Year award and/or All-Defensive Team. Every team needs a player like Butler — someone who will do the dirty work and guard the best player and scorer when called upon.

Butler may have a spot with the Bulls for the remainder of his career because of his defensive ability and the way his game continues to mature. If the Bulls plan to contend, Butler will have to continue his defensive prowess. Look for Butler’s future to be great

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