Los Angeles Lakers Foolish To Not Include Kobe Bryant In Head Coach Decision

By Andrew Fisher
Kobe Bryant
Andrew D. Bernstein-Getty Images

Mitch Kupchak has come out and said that Kobe Bryant likely won’t be involved in the search for the next Los Angeles Lakers head coach. Is this a case of Kupchak speaking the truth, or does he just not want to admit that Kobe should be involved? That’s the question on my mind right now.

I’m probably in the minority, but I think it would be absolutely foolish for the Lakers to not consult Bryant on some level over the next few weeks. Sure, Kobe is there to put the ball in the hoop, not to pick coaches. But when the team has already gone all-in on the soon to be 36-year old for the next two seasons to the tune of $50 million big ones — I just don’t get the logic behind not asking him his opinion on some of the candidates.

It’s like the Lakers are completely behind their aging superstar at times, but then they’re not. Why go half way? They know there’s a good chance of him being upset with their hire, so why even go down that road? If Kobe isn’t happy, no one is going to be happy.

In Kobe’s mind the bar is still set at championship. To the rest of us that’s unrealistic, but that’s how he thinks. It’s that killer instinct that’s gotten him to where he is today. So if he feels the Lakers aren’t even close to being a playoff team next season, things are going to get ugly. If the Lakers hire a coach he doesn’t like on top of that, things are going to get real ugly.

Screw your pride Mr. Kupchak, consult the Black Mamba during your head coaching search.


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