More Athletes Should Have Harrison Barnes’ Attitude When It Comes to Fans

By Michael Terrill
Harrison Barnes
Getty Images

I understand that players are engaged in autograph contracts with companies, which is why so many of them can’t just simply sign memorabilia for free. With that being said, more athletes should have Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes’ attitude when it comes to fans, especially since the fans are the reason the players are so popular in the first place.

Barnes has decided that during the offseason he will sign anything and everything that fans send his way. In fact, he even announced on his official Facebook page the rules of how any fan can get his autograph.

“Since I get so many requests for autographs I bought a P.O. Box for all of you to send items for me to sign during the off season,” Barnes said on Facebook. “I only have it for 3 months so keep that in mind. There are rules to this and there are no exceptions.”

The rules are straight forward, especially if fans have ever attempted to get an autograph from an athlete through the mail before. There must me a handwritten letter explaining why the fan wants a particular item signed. There also must be a photograph of the fan holding the specific item. Barnes would like fans to enclose a return envelope and postage as well. On top of that, he requests that there only be one item per person.

Barnes is a very busy man in the offseason. There are daily workouts to stay in shape, appearances he must make, and time set aside to catch up on his favorite television shows, in particular Game of Thrones and House of Cards. For that reason, Barnes will have a limited amount of time to sign autographs. However, he insists that he will sign everything that comes his way.

It’s amazing that Barnes is willing to go out of his way to give fans an opportunity to get his autograph. There aren’t too many athletes who would do that without getting paid money to do so. Barnes, on the other hand, isn’t worried about the money. He just wants to show fans his appreciation for them supporting him all of these years.

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