Mark Jackson Is Hurting NBA By Going Back To ESPN

By winstonharris
Mark Jackson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The recent firing of Mark Jackson by the Golden State Warriors sent shockwaves through the NBA and changed the coaching landscape as well. Despite being mentioned as a possible candidate for the New York Knicks’ job, Jackson agreed to a multi-year contract with ESPN to be a NBA game analyst once again.

However, his choice may not benefit anyone involved in this scenario. In his previous stint as a game analyst, Jackson displayed a vigor, passion, and mind for the game that not many possess in the media. The problem was that his love of the game and insight were most useful as a head coach, and not as an analyst.

His three-year tenure with the Warriors proved his coaching ability and aptitude for the position. He brought Golden State back to relevancy this season with their best record since the 1991-92 season. His fiery in-game speeches and knack for connecting with his players were hard-to-miss signs that he had a long coaching career ahead of him. It was clear that his impact on the Warriors’ Stephen Curry drove him to have the best year of his career.

But his new position of analyst almost has the feel of a safety net. Jackson is going with the safe route where he knows he can succeed, and not the unsure coaching route because of the way he was treated by the Warriors. Jackson in undeniably a coach at heart and should not settle for his current position, but I still cannot wait to hear his great analysis during the playoffs as well.

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