Charlotte Hornets Are Officially Back; Seattle SuperSonics Should Be Next

By Andrew Fisher
Charlotte Hornets

It’s been 12 long years, but they’re back. Tuesday will mark the official changeover from the Charlotte Bobcats to the Charlotte Hornets. To many basketball fans — it’s about time.

Sure, on the surface Charlotte is just changing its color scheme and nickname. But this changeover goes much deeper than that. The Bobcats were created just so the area could have a basketball team again. There was no history with the Bobcats name whatsoever, it was just a nickname.

The Hornets name carries so much more with it. There are NBA greats who have played for the Hornets and its a much more recognizable brand to common fans. Yes, it’s just a name and new color scheme, but those two things will make all the difference when it comes to things like merchandise sales.

Speaking of teams making a comeback — where in the heck are the Seattle SuperSonics? Technically, they reside in OKC, but Seattle is still without a team. There was an attempt to bring the Kings to Seattle last year, but ultimately it fell short and Sacramento kept its team.

But at some point, the Sonics need to come back. They were an NBA team from 1967-2008 and it’s just not right without them.

You’d have to think that expansion is the only way Seattle will get a team back, because even the Milwaukee Bucks don’t seem to be going anywhere. If they’re not on the move, it’s unlikely any other team will be in the near future.

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