Chicago Bulls Rumors: Fred Hoiberg Unlikely To Replace Tom Thibodeau

By Andrew Fisher
Fred Hoiberg
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Fred Hoiberg is the Tom Thibodeau of college basketball, in that everybody wants his services. The Mayor has been linked to numerous NBA jobs after leading Iowa State to the Sweet 16 this year, while Thibs has been linked to multiple other teams within The Association.

The latest and greatest buzz surrounding these two coaches comes from Bill Simmons:

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Frankly, I don’t buy any of this. Not that there’s isn’t any merit to the rumors, just that any of the said transactions will take place.

First off, it’s very hard to see Thibs getting dealt to the Grizzlies. I don’t doubt that they want him, but the Bulls would have to get one heck of an offer to consider trading their proven head coach.

Hoiberg would be a fantastic fallback option for Chicago, but again, it’s just hard too see it going down. The Mayor has his nickname for a reason — he’s born and raised Ames, Iowa. He grew up there, played high school and college ball there and now has returned as head coach of the Cyclones.

On top of all his family and other emotional ties to Iowa State, the school is also paying him very handsomely. This includes the $600k raise that they just gave him. In total, he makes $2.6 million per season at ISU. That’s a top 10 salary to have what most would consider his dream job.

Whether it truly is Hoiberg’s dream job, only he knows. But the smart money is that he’s very content with his current gig.

I just don’t see him going to the NBA anytime soon. The Bulls job is certainly another dream job, and he has ties there too (player from 99-03) — but so many things would have to fall in line to make the Mayor-to-Chicago happen.


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