NBA Rumors: Tom Thibodeau Trade To Memphis Grizzlies Is Absurd

By Andrew Fisher
Tom Thibodeau
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The list of teams not after Tom Thibodeau has become much shorter than the teams that are after him. It seems that everybody wants to hire Thibs these days. You can’t blame those in pursuit either, because his record speaks for itself.

The latest team to apparently throw its hat in the ring is the Memphis Grizzlies.

It seems kind of odd that Memphis would be interested in a new coach just one season after hiring Dave Joerger, but then again, we are talking about Thibs.

But just wanting to hire a new head coach is one thing. Trading for one is an entirely different deal. However, the latest NBA rumors involve the Grizzlies doing just that:

Simmons also added that the Chicago Bulls would try to hire Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg if Thibodeau were traded.

But the phrase in his tweet that will make Grizzlies fans take notice is ‘clean house.’ Are the Grizzlies really prepared to clean house after making the playoffs in the tough Western Conference and nearly eliminating OKC? It’s definitely the most puzzling part of this rumor.

I can see the Grizz wanting Thibs, but I can’t see them blowing up the whole franchise for him either. On the Bulls’ side of things, they’d had to get one heck of a deal to trade their talented head coach.

Overall, it’s just really hard to see this scenario playing out. Buy hey, stranger things have most certainly gone down in The Association.

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