Cleveland Cavaliers Put in Perfect Situation By Winning NBA Lottery

By Trevor Lowry
Kyrie Irving
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

So you mean to tell me that the Cleveland Cavaliers have won the NBA Lottery? Wow. That is really the only way to describe what happened with those pingpong balls. The Cavaliers have been known to pick No. 1 overall a time or two over the last few years — last year being the most recent year — but winning the lottery this year has put them in a perfect situation.

For one, LeBron James has more incentive to come back. I don’t think that will actually happen, but I also thought a team like the Bucks was going to win the lottery.

Regardless, what puts them in the perfect situation is the fact that they now have the choice to pick any player they want in the 2014 NBA Draft. In case if you have not heard already, this is the most talented class in quite some time.

Does Cleveland want the next (maybe) LeBron James? Well, draft Andrew Wiggins. Does Cleveland want the most NBA-ready prospect in the draft? Draft Jabari Parker. Does Cleveland want the next superstar center? Draft Joel Embiid.

The Cavaliers already have a Kyrie Irving. Adding a very talented player like one of the three listed above will only make them better. A lot better.

Sure, players become busts and others don’t meet expectations. Let’s not look at the glass like that, though. Let’s look at the class like Cleveland has a very bright future with no matter who it takes in this summer’s draft. It can go in a number of different ways and it can look completely different depending on the player it picks up.

Regardless, Cleveland snagged the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, and it is in the perfect situation because of that. I bet Cavaliers fans worldwide are a happy, happy bunch right now.

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