Cleveland Cavaliers Win NBA Draft Lottery, But Will It Be Enough to Keep Kyrie Irving?

By Ronnie Hampston
Cleveland Cavaliers Draft Lottery
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The City of Cleveland needs to take a bow when they see Nick Gilbert in Quicken Loans Arena. Gilbert is the son of the owner Dan Gilbert, and he has become the Cavs good luck charm as the Cavs won the NBA Draft Lottery three times in four years. It may sound unfamiliar, but the basketball gods are shining over Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Cavaliers will have the No.1 overall selection in the the 2014 NBA Draft in June.

Unlike last year’s NBA Draft, there are many can’t-miss prospects. Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid are all worthy of the top selection, and it will fall on the needs of the team.

It is unknown what route the Cavs will go, but there isn’t a way to screw it up this time around. Last year, the Cavs drafted Anthony Bennett, and the jury is still out on that selection. In a draft filled with this much talent, it can help turn the Cavs’ franchise in a different direction.

The Cavs are a head coach and a few players away, and with the top selection in this year’s draft, it appears that the days of sorrow could be coming to an end. The fans in Cleveland are smiling, and this could be the last time that they pick in the lottery for a long time if they make the right decision.

The Cavs have Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters as the focal point of their young nucleus, and with the top pick, they should be a sure bet to make the playoffs. With Irving as the star of the team, it gives him more reason to remain a member of the Cavs, despite rumors of wanting to leave.

The summer is crucial for the Cavs, and if they make the right selection they can do more to court their once beloved son, LeBron James, into coming back to play for the Cavs.

Many people call Cleveland the “Mistake by the Lake,” but the mistakes in this regular season have turned into a positive for the start to their offseason. Preparing for LeBron James is a reach, but preparing to keep Irving is actually a legit idea. I know Cavs fans have heard this before, but if Kyrie Irving stays in Cleveland, and they make the right selection in this year’s NBA Draft, the Cavs could be a force to deal with.

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