NBA Draft Prospect Joel Embiid Claims to Like Miley Cyrus, Hurts Stock

By Connor Muldowney
Joel Embiid
Getty Images

Everyone likes music, right? Even the biggest and brightest star athletes out there have their favorite music artists — just ask Johnny Manziel about Drake. Former Kansas Jayhawks star big man and current NBA draft prospect Joel Embiid has come out with one of his favorite artists, and it might just surprise you and embarrass him.

According to the big man, he is a big fan of Miley Cyrus. You didn’t read that wrong, he actually said that he was a fan of the infamous wrecking ball-swinging singer.

Now the serious question arises. Will this hurt his draft stock?

I mean, not many people out there are fans of Cyrus and having her show up at games to support the guy who showed her love prior to the draft could be detrimental to a fan base, right?

Okay, so she has no bearing on his draft stock — or so we think — but this has to be a pretty embarrassing thing to admit. Someone must have forgotten to tell him that Miley is a joke in American society and that people have stopped liking her since she stopped portraying Hannah Montana in a popular show on the Disney Channel.

Embiid went on to say that “23” was his favorite track by Cyrus and he can even sing and dance to it a little bit. I think that’s the last thing his fragile back needs right now.

Hopefully NBA teams can look past this now-leaked fact about Embiid and draft him based on his skill and potential, not on his lame choice of music — music is used very loosely in this instance.

Good luck, Joel.

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