Philadelphia 76ers' Future Hinges On Tonight's NBA Draft Lottery

By Ryan Wenzell
Philadelphia 76ers Draft Lottery
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the big night. 14 teams will anxiously await their respective fates in the 2014 NBA Draft lottery as the ping pong balls reveal who has hit it big and who has lost out on some premium talent in this year’s draft class.

Perhaps the biggest impact this night has on a single team is the franchise in Philly. Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie wheeled and dealed his way to two potential top 10 lottery picks and showed last year that he is not afraid to be extra aggressive on draft night.

The Sixers were a horror show this past season. At one point they tied a historic mark in futility, losing a whopping 26 straight ball games. Hinkie and company never wavered. They always saw things with a longer lens. This was never about one season; it was about the future and making the basketball team in Philadelphia relevant not just this season but in many, many seasons to come.

This night is the start of that construction. If last year was a tear down, and boy was it ever, this year then is a rebuild. The Sixers are armed with two potential lottery picks, with their own having a nearly 1-in-5 chance at landing the draft’s top selection.

After what their fanbase endured this past year, the Sixers certainly need to hit it big tonight. Anything short of a top 3 pick would be a disappointment. That’s because the draft’s 3 top talents — Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid — will all be made available if the Sixers land in the top 3. While this is a deep draft, the talent falls off after those three tantalizing talents.

It’s a huge night for the Sixers organization. They even have Dr. J, Julius Erving, an all-time Sixer legend, representing them in New York City. Let’s hope lady luck is on the Sixers’ side. Their future depends on it.

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