Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose Should Not Participate With Team USA

By Ronnie Hampston
Team USA Camp
Jesse D. Garrabrant – Getty Images

It seems like it has been forever since Derrick Rose‘s MVP season. Since then, Rose has suffered two major knee injuries by tearing his ACL and MCL, and has not been able to contribute much to the Chicago Bulls. Per ESPN Chicago it appears that Team USA Men’s Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski is expecting Rose to be in attendance for the team’s mini-camp in July.

In all honesty, Team USA does not need Rose, and it would better suit him to stay away from playing with Team USA. The Bulls have a lot invested in Rose, and they cannot afford him to risk injury. I know that injuries can happen at any given moment, but the organization cannot afford to have Rose to tweak his already injured knees. If Rose wasn’t coming off of another knee injury, it wouldn’t be a concern, but they seem to be a reoccuring theme with the star.

It would be great for him to regain confidence and play with the best players in the world, but the Bulls needs Rose more than Team USA does. The Bulls are one of the toughest teams in the NBA with an inept roster, and they are easily a top-three team in the Eastern Conference with a healthy Rose.

Rose participating with Team USA is not needed, and it should not happen. The Bulls have been more than patient with Rose, and he owes a lot to that organization. It is a great opportunity to represent his country, but there will be ample opportunities for that in Rose’s future. HE is only 25 years of age, so he has some time to play for the Olympic team.

I hope Rose looks at the big picture, and respectfully declines his invitation to play for Team USA this time around.

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